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Prof. Dr Md. Waziul Alam Chowdhury

Prof. Md. Waziul Alam Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS (Psy) MACP (USA) is a Medical graduate from Rajshahi Medical College. After completion of internship he joined as a Medical officer and served as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor of Psychiatry in different Medical colleges and Institutions. In his successful carrier he gained advanced training in Geriatric Medicine & Psychiatry form India and also achieved (WHO) fellowship from there.

MBBS (1981)

FCPS (Fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons)

- Psychiatry(1990)

            (a)     In-services trainee          :           Rajshahi Medical College, Hospital


            (b)     Medical Officer             :           Badalgachi Upozila Health Complex, Naoga


            (c)     Post-graduate course      :           1985 to 1990 in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib

                       & Training                                  Medical University (former IPGM&R)


            (d)    Resident Medical           :           Badalgachi Upozila Health Complex, Naoga

                     Officer (RMO)                           20.1.86-24.6.86

            (e)     Assist. Registrar             :           Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka


            (f)     Clinical Assistant (CA)  :           Mental Hospital, Pabna


            (g)     Deputed to FCPS(P-II) :           Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib & Training Medical 

               University (former IPGM&R)         18.8.88-04.9.90

(h)     Senior Consultant          :           Mental Hospital, Pabna


 (i)      Senior Resident             :           Central Drug Addiction Treatment Centre, Dhaka

                      Psychiatrist (RP)                        21.7.91-29.12.92

(i)      Associate Professor        :           Mymensingh Medical College

           Psychiatry (cc)                           04.01.93 - 31.8.03

  (j)    Associate Professor        :           National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka

                     of Psychiatry(reg.)                     01.9.03-07.7.04

 (k)     Professor &  Head         :           National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka

                     Department of Geriatric             08.7.04- 18.11.06       

                     & Organic Psychiatry(cc)

(l)     Prof. of Psychiatry(reg.):           Shaheed Ziur Rahman Medical College


(m)     Prof. & Head Dept.       :           National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka

         Department of Geriatric             20.5.09 -19.3.12

& Organic Psychiatry

(n)     Director-cum-Professor :         National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka

                                                            19.03.12 - 25.06.2015


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CONTRIBUTION TO Books/ Act/Policy/ Strategy/ Curriculum/Guide:

22.1          Mental Health: A Manual for Primary Health Care Physicians, Published by National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka.

22.2          Mental Health: Primary Care: A Training Manual for Health Workers, Published by National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka.

22.3          Revised Draft of Mental Health, Dhaka.

22.4          Strategy and Work Plan for community Based Activates (CBAS) in Mental Health in Bangladesh.

22.5          Strategy for Prevention of Substance Dependence in Bangladesh.

22.6          Curriculum for Training Programme of Primary Health acre Physicians on Mental Health.

22.7          Curriculum for Training of Doctors on Management and Prevention of Substance Abuse Including Alcohol.

22.8          National Policy, Strategy and Plan of Action for Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Surveillance and Prevention in Bangladesh.

22.9          Strategy and plan of  Action for Mental Health Services after Disaster in Bangladesh

22.10      WHO-AIMs (Assessment Instrument for Mental Health System Report on MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM BANGLADESH. (Both in the from of Computer Programme & Book)

22.11      Family Guide Book for treatment of mental Disorder (In Bengali), Published by National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka.

22.12      Integration of mental Health with primary health care, Published by National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka.

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